Gigaset Plug 2.0 – smart socket presented!

Gigaset launches a new smart socket.

The new Gigaset Plug 2.0!

Sometimes it makes sense to turn sockets into smart sockets. Gigaset is therefore presenting the Gigaset Plug 2.0. The socket has compact dimensions of 60 x 60 x 85 mm and can be used in any socket.

Provided you have an installed Gigaset Smart Home basis and, of course, the appropriate Gigaset Smart Home app. The new smart socket from Gigaset is available for EUR 49.99. In my opinion too expensive for a socket, but the socket can also show the energy consumption of the connected device. It is certainly also interesting for those who already use Gigaset at home.

Gigaset specifies an output of 16 A / 3600 watts. The smart Gigaset Plug 2.0 can be connected via Alexa or Google Assistant.


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