How to view friends’ activity in the Spotify mobile app

Spotify has changed its mind about launching a feature that allows users to view their friends’ activity through the mobile app, scrapping it in 2019 when was raised by users of your community forum, and rescuing it now after years of developing features based on the personalization of the experience.

Interestingly, the platform has been offering a similar feature on the desktop called “Friends Activity” for years. In this sense, Spotify is now tackling the development of Community, a new section in the mobile application in which users will be aware of the songs that their friends are playing, as well as the changes they make to their playlists.

This development was first discovered by Chris Messina, who shared screenshots on Twitter about its operation along with a fairly long list of new features that are being prepared for the application.

Since TechCrunch They contacted the transmission platform, which limited itself to pointing out that it is a Feature in early stages of testingwithout submitting to give more information, although in the tests carried out by the aforementioned publication they observed that the new Communities feature is not yet fully functional.

But they go further by pointing out that the new feature continues to rely on linking with Facebook since the two platforms originally partneredincreasing agreements over time for the launch of new features.

This is despite the fact that new generations of users prefer to discover music through TikTokand even leave aside Facebook, where many of them do not even open an account anymore, the new social function of Spotify for your mobile app it still relies on tight ties to Meta by leveraging the generated social graph to display friend activity to users.

The Community page shows in the upper part a horizontal row with the updates received in the playlists, while in the lower part a vertical list is shown offering the last titles listened to, highlighting in an animated way the title that may be listening in that very moment.

According to TechCrunch, access to this feature can be done by typing “spotify:community” in the Safari browser on iOS, not being visible at the moment in the application itself directly.

It will be a matter of waiting for the new feature to become available to everyone.

Via: TechCrunch

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