Ikea launches a tool that allows you to delete current furniture and place others from its catalog

There is no doubt that Ikea is taking advantage of new generation technological tools to make it easier for potential buyers to better understand how the different rooms of their homes would look like with the furniture and accessories that it has in its catalogue.

In this sense, Ikea has just launched a new design tool that stands out for its ability to erase the current furniture from any room scanned with its iOS app to turn it into a virtually empty room to furnish with some of the different chosen household items through a series of categories.

To know the result without moving a piece of furniture

The scene scanner is currently available in Ikea Kreativ for iOS, requiring a modern iPhoneit is not necessary to use specific models that have the LiDAR sensorand follow some previous steps to have the stay in the application.

Once these steps are done, either in the same application for iOS or in the web version of Ikea Kreativ for the desktop, they will be able to empty the scanned room of current furniture, although sometimes errors occur in this process, and then choose furniture and other household items from its catalog and place them in the places with total precision according to the exact measurements of the room, for which it will also be necessary to take measurements.

The company will expand the categories of items in the home in the future with new types of furniture and accessories to choose from to insert into scenes.

The bad thing is that users will get a visual result in 2Dnot being able to move around the room scanned by Augmented Reality with the furniture placed virtually as they could do with Ikea Place.

Alternatively, if users do not want to scan the room to be furnished or refurnished, they can use one of the 50 virtual rooms that the new tool has to limit themselves simply to virtually placing the furniture of their choice.

Ikea Kreativ is already available in the US, although the company hopes to be able to bring it to international markets in the future, just as they are also working to launch the corresponding version of this tool for Android devices.

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