Only a few days left to see this cult series on Amazon Prime Video

A true monument of pop culture, this series will leave the Amazon Prime Video catalog in a few days, now is the time.

From mythical series of the British audiovisual landscapethere is one that shines as much for its longevity as for its twists and turns: Doctor Who. Started in 1963, the spatiotemporal adventures of the last Gallifreyan were treated to a modernized sequel in 2005. For nearly 20 years, actors (and actresses since Jodie Whitakker) have succeeded in bringing the character to life, who should soon reborn as Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education).

Doctor Who will disappear from Prime Video

If the production is a real reference across the Channel, it remains more confidential with us, and for good reason: the SVOD platforms have multiplied in recent years, Doctor Who has always had a fairly chaotic distribution. Broadcast on France 4, then partly on Netflix, the series was until now accessible on Amazon Prime Video, until season 10.

A hard blow that will not get better: From the June 30 next, the adventures of the most British extraterrestrial in the galaxy will disappear from the SVOD platform. You only have ten days left to immerse yourself in the cult series, before it bows out.

How to watch Doctor Who?

While waiting for the BBC to have the brilliant idea of ​​creating its own SVOD platform, or for Salto to decide to recover the rights to the cult series that made France 4 famous, difficult to legally watch the SF saga without putting your hand in your wallet. The series will a priori remain accessible for dematerialized purchase on the Google and Apple TV platforms. Only the Apple offers the 13 seasons, the Android Play Store is content for the moment with the first 12.

Why do you absolutely have to discover the series?

Funny, wacky and very kitsch with its cardboard monsters, Doctor Who is a monument of pop culture. The series has been able to cross the generations, and has offered itself a slew of talented actors and actresses, the latest of which is none other than Neil Patrick Harris as the big bad. For nearly 20 years, the new series imagined by Russell T Davies has been a success, so it’s no surprise that some special episodes have been announced to celebrate its anniversary, including the return of the iconic duo formed by David Tennant et Catherine Tate.

Watch or rewatch Doctor Who on Prime Video

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