Slack adds video capabilities to its original audio calling feature

Huddles is a feature of Slack that is about to celebrate its first anniversaryallowing since its launch to generate quick audio calls through any communication channel, even through direct messages, without the need to establish a specific date to schedule a meeting between several participants, and given the circumstance that the duration of these audio calls is inferior to meetings established on other platforms.

At the time of its launch, from Slack the arrival of video capabilities was still a long way off, perhaps to avoid the so-called zoom fatigue by which users can become nervous about the possible appearance they may have on the screen, having to adjust both clothing and lighting conditions to appear in optimal conditions before the other participants.

Reaching out to those who want video capabilities

Now, Slack has taken advantage of its Frontiers conference where it has presented the launch of capabilities, including the first based on video, for Huddles, under the idea that users do not have to alternate using other platforms when carrying out specific activities.

In this regard, comes video chat, multi-user screen sharing, and threaded chat capabilities for each huddle.

All the new capabilities will be able to be launched while an audio call is in progress, where by pressing a button they will be able to establish a small video chat, which will be integrated into the Slack sidebar, although another button will make the video chat offer a appearance similar to that of Zoom meetings.

Within the video calls, there is the possibility that several participants can share their screen simultaneously, and in addition, each meeting will have its dedicated text chat thread, which will be maintained even after the end of it, not so the communications generated in audio and video calls.

Slack is not intended to be a substitute for Meet, Zoom and similar services, but it does want to get closer to those users who want to have video capabilities within Slack, which has stopped them from using huddles until now because they do not meet their needs, and that until now have been forced to use third-party platforms.

Thus, Slack It is reinforced as a digital headquarters for companies and organizations that carry out work remotely as an alternative to physical attendance at their facilities.

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