Sonos version 14.10 fixes some bugs!

Sonos has released an update. The version number is 14.10. With the update, Sonos wants to eliminate some errors.

Sonos update is available!

With version 14.10, Sonos fixes known bugs. Delayed audio signals with the home theater speakers and subwoofers and audio dropouts are now history.

If you are also affected by such problems, you should update as soon as possible. I don’t know about you, but such errors bother me immensely. In my opinion, such mistakes should not occur at all if you are willing to spend so much money and buy such a system.

Nevertheless, Sonos reacts quite quickly to something like this and fixes problems with a new version. Feel free to write in the comments if you have Sonos products. How much you like Sonos and what bothers you!


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