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The Jimmy HW8 dry-wet vacuum cleaner is brutally cheap

A dry-wet vacuum cleaner can be used for many things and is especially useful, yet it is found in very few households. The essence of the machine is that it not only vacuumed, but also sucked up liquids and wet dirt, and it will not be ruined, for that is exactly what they invented. The Jimmy HW8 is the manufacturer’s smaller machine of this type, which is It has a suction power of 7000 Paand a motorized mop head. We can’t talk about a traditional roller brush because it can be constantly wetted. If you press the button on the handle of the machine, then the machine squirts a little water in front of it, so we can vacuum it by quasi-washing it up. Of course, it also collects spilled milk, water, orange juice and other unwanted contaminants, so mandatory for families with small children.

One tank needs to be filled with clean water and the other collects dirty water that needs to be washed out after a while. Obviously, if used only dry, it will be as empty as any other vacuum cleaner. If we put the machine back on its dock, then automatically washes the cylindrical headso that we can use it cleanly next time. The device is battery-powered, so we are not plugged in with it, plus it can go on for up to 25 minutes on a single charge.

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