these 7 offers will save your budget before summer

The summer sales are a great opportunity to save money on the daily budget. With inflation and the cost of energy, it is better to buy cheaper now than to break the bank at the start of the school year. Our selection of good deals.

Like every year, the sales are a moment very courted by the general public. For this summer edition, Cdiscount and Fnac lead the dance. AliExpress is on the back burner for now, while Amazon is keeping its balls for Prime Day. Despite all this, the offers are generous on the web. We have made the list with those not to be missed.

Sales, like Black Friday, are always an opportunity to save on the budget. This is all the more important at the moment with the cost of living which keeps getting higher. Rather than waiting for the start of the school year to make your purchases, it is better to go ahead to save 20, 30 or even 50% on the bill.

During the sales, Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac cut prices on all categories. In the detailed selection above, we focused on tech. However, it is far from being the only product category that benefits from low prices. Culture, beauty, decoration or fashion are all very popular verticals and highlighted during the sales.

One thing is common to all these offers: they can go very quickly. So don’t wait to get your hands on the best deals. Even during sales, Cdiscount, Amazon and others are obliged to give you at least 14 days to change your mind, withdraw and obtain a refund. If necessary, you can take advantage of this quick procedure.

The 4 best deals on sale

In the list above, we have put a series of great deals to grab for this first day of the sales. Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac have thousands of discounts on their website, the latter has been completely updated. To put it simply, we will detail below the main offers that marked us for this first day of sales.

The first major sales deal is to be found at Cdiscount. The merchant is promoting a pack that includes the excellent Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner with the added bonus of an adapter for low furniture (very practical). While the British Dyson almost never makes a discount, this one is welcome: the model costs 299 euros instead of 429 euros. It’s extremely rare to see a Dyson vacuum cleaner under 300 euros, especially when you know that the latest model costs 749 euros.

Other product on sale at Cdiscount: a 65-inch LG OLED TV. The 65C11 model sees its price drop quite drastically, even though it is a very popular and very recent product (2021). The latter was at 1999 euros when it was launched, but it is already displayed at 1499 euros on the French e-commerce site. If you are a member of its CDAV program, the bill is even less salty: it drops to 1399 euros. It’s sheer madness for a 165cm screen.

Discover the French Days

To continue, there is also a very good deal on sale on Amazon: the MacBook Air M1. The latter sports fine clean lines and offers a very high level user experience. The ultra portable computer signed Apple is available on the official website of the manufacturer for 1199 euros… and only for 999 euros on Amazon. In short, you can save almost 20% on the excellent device, whose performance of the M1 chip is sublime.

Finally, to return to Cdiscount, the sales highlight the Bose QC35 II headphones. The latter has not been eclipsed by the new QC45, quite the contrary. Seeing its price drop, the QC35 II has become even more popular. The difference between the two models is very small (Attentive mode differs), so the price should not be so different. And Cdiscount does not help matters since it drops the price to 199 euros instead of 379 (at the time of its launch). Under the bar of 200 euros, it is an excellent deal.

Cdiscount, Fnac and Amazon are at the top

As for the French Days which were held last May, the sales are drawn by Cdiscount. Behind him, we find Fnac and Darty, as well as Amazon. France’s leading e-tailer, Amazon, prefers to reserve itself for its Prime Day operation which will take place later in July. Until then, we advise you to take advantage of the discounts at all the others.

By buying on a Cdiscount or Fnac, you have access to high quality, new products with manufacturer guarantees. You also always have this trial period which protects you on all your online purchases. It’s a good way to consume without having to take a risk on a possible disappointment. In a few clicks, you will be able to return the product and get a refund.

The first days of sales on Cdiscount and others are critical. These are where the best deals are represented. Successive markdowns (one per week, for 4 weeks) do not highlight good brands. It is therefore necessary to privilege the first days, even the first hours, to do business in gold. In the worst case, you can always return them.

In a few hours, there have already been several stockouts for the sales. Cdiscount, Fnac and Amazon are under pressure due to logistical and production difficulties. Service providers (such as mobile plans or VPNs), on the other hand, are unlimited and available. However, they have all set a deadline for their offer, so don’t miss it.

To do the sales on the Cdiscount site, it’s here:

Discover the French Days

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