This prototype could revolutionize the world of private jets

Otto Aviation has been developing a prototype aircraft for several years that can replace private jets while polluting much less.

In the world of aviation, there are many astonishing projects, but few are those that manage to have such success over time as the Celera 500 L. This small plane, comparable to a jet, could revive the sector of microaviation, which is the first targeted by ecologists who, to save the planet, no longer want short-distance flights, which are far too polluting.

This is where the Celera 500 L from Otto Aviation comes in. Indeed, the small aircraft, which today is only a prototype, is capable, thanks to the very rounded shape of its cabin, of reducing the drag of the aircraft by nearly 60%. By working on the aircraft’s aerodynamics, Otto Aviation engineers succeeded in optimizing the laminar flow. In other words, to make the airflow that passes along the fuselage much less disrupted than before, thus reducing drag.

With better penetration into the air, the aircraft is much more efficient from a point of view fuel consumption. It, which today is powered by a “small” 500 horsepower engine, consumes about 80% less fuel than a similar-sized jet available on the market today.

The first 100% hydrogen-powered business jet?

But after 55 test flights, Otto Aviation has just announced a big change for its prototype. Indeed, the brand has just teamed up with ZeroAvia to replace the current internal combustion engine with a hydrogen fuel cell. With the latter, the two companies hope that the aircraft will be able to fly more than 1,500 kilometers.

On paper, the plane could even go much further. With six people on board, it would be possible to pass the 8000 kilometers in flight. How ? Quite simply by using again and again all the work that has been done on the aerodynamics of the plane. As Otto Aviation engineers explain, the Celera 500 L is capable of covering more than 200 kilometers simply in gliding flight, with the engines off.

Aviation: one of the main causes of pollution

Today the aviation sector is much criticized for its lack of ecology, and the pollution that all flights generate around the planet. With daily traffic estimated at 100,000 flights per day (figure before Covid), the world of aviation pollutes enormously. According to figures from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the plane represents “only” 5% of greenhouse gas emitted by humans every year. A figure that would even be lower than the car or heavy goods vehicles, which are much more polluting.

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