This Xbox console has just entered the Guinness Book of Records!

Consoles are getting smaller and smaller, but one gamer has decided to buck the trend with his latest invention

Yesterday we were talking to you about a Custom PS5 with impressive dimensions and technical characteristics. While this custom console sports a mini-size chassis and a homemade water-cooling refresh, another youtuber has embarked on a major project with an Xbox Series X.

American videographer Michael Pick also known as “Casual Engineer” (The Occasional Engineer in the language of Molière) is used to creating objects of unusual sizes. Of the smallest iMacPassing by world’s largest nerf gunnothing stops him and it’s the turn of the Microsoft console to pass under his expert hands.

The Series X Refrigerator

The idea for this absolutely over the top console mod didn’t come out of nowhere. While the design of the Xbox Series X has spawned a slew of memes over the years – admittedly, that clean, simple design is reminiscent of a fridge – Microsoft had had a blast in proposing a real mini fridge with the appearance of its console.

Disappointed to see that this version of the console was only used to store beers and not to play, Michael decided to offer an Xbox in a large fridge format, but 100% functional as a gaming platform. Thus, there is now an Xbox over 2 meters high and 1 meter wide which has just found its place in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest Xbox console in the world.

But more than a simple whim resulting in a gigantic console larger than life, Michael Pick took the opportunity to offer this console to an association in the city of Atlanta so that young children and adolescents can enjoy it and have fun. Like what, it is possible to combine madness of grandeur and good action…

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