Twitter officially launches its long-awaited Notes feature

Twitter just submitted the official launch of the new Notes feature, which arrives today in a test phasebeing available to a limited group of writers in the United States, Canada, Ghana, and the United Kingdom.

It will be they who for the moment can write long-form content with rich texts and accompanying them with photos, videos, GIFs and other multimedia elements that reinforce what they want to express, having for this the new Write tab, where in addition to being able to write new notes, they will also have access to all those notes that they have already published, and also those that they have in draft waiting to continue until publication.

For those who find tweets too short in characters

Also, They will be able to share their written notes in their timelines for their followers and other interested parties, who will also be able to access their profiles, where they will find a new tab called Notes, with all the Notes written up to now.

Like the tweets, the Notes will also have their respective web links, also having the same interaction possibilities, such as comments, retweets, marking as favorites and adding them to the bookmark.

It is a function that It could well become the alternative to using blog platforms such as WordPress or Medium, among others, especially for all those users who do not wish to set up their own spaces on Internet in case you do not plan to use it frequently enough.

And it is that within Twitter there are those who may find the limitations of the character of the tweets insufficient, and the use of unformal chained tweets, to be able to share sporadically what they want to express in a longer content format.

In parallel with the launch of the Notes feature, Twitter has launched a new Twitter Write team, tasked with improving the experience of the new Notes feature for writers, which also includes the team focused on subscription newsletters.

This is a more than interesting step for turn Twitter into a source of knowledge through the contributions of those who want to go beyond the limitations of 280 characters per tweet.

From now on, you will be able to see the path that the platform is taking beyond being a public square where you can talk with similar users based on different topics. The company has shared some examples of notes such as East.

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