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Very cheap outdoor lamp with solar panel with motion sensor

An outdoor light source can be useful when you get home in the dark, gives a little light, making it easier to find the keyhole or anything, for example. If you don’t have a built-in outlet, using a lamp can be quite tricky, though with a built-in aksis solar lamp you will not have such a problem. Just need to install the using the dowels and screws provided a place where the top gets some days so you also provided evening lighting for a good time. The light source can operate in 3 modesversion 1 using the built-in motion sensor, it only turns on when it detects motionyes it can save well on its chargea in the second mode it is constantly lit, in the third one too, but with reduced brightness. In the package you also get a remote controlwith which you can switch between them, respectively you can turn it on and off manuallyor even an SOS button on it, which you can use to send alarms if you need to.

For performance The manufacturer specifies 80 wattsbut I think it’s a bit exaggerated, and reading the reviews, it seems it cannot be expected to have a dazzling light, but maybe there’s no need for that either, so at least the neighbors won’t complain about it closing their eyes. The battery capacity 2400 mAh.

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