A 1.5TB microSD for the video surveillance sector

Micron has just introduced a 1.5 TB microSD card, thus surpassing the 1TB record for this type of card until now.

If the 1 TB was close to 500 euros, this 1.5 YB will surely be much more expensive (growth is not linear), but they have not yet reported how much it will cost.

They want it to be the ideal card for corporate fleets, smart home security and police body cameras, as the card is capable of storing four months of continuously recorded security camera footage.

has been submitted at the Embedded World 2022 conference in Nuremberg, Germany, under the name i400. It is thus the largest capacity microSD card to date, and is already being tested with potential customers.

Micron believes the video security market will be worth $83 billion by 2030, with particular growth in AI-enabled cameras in factories, so investing in cards capable of storing up to 120 days of video footage from security locally, it helps save money when it comes to prioritizing what data you want to store in the cloud.

It can also be used for local storage and real-time AI analytics, which will help faster decision-making within smart cameras and other devices.

The i400 has a two million hour mean time to failure rating and can simultaneously handle 4K video recording with up to eight AI events per second, i.e. simultaneous data access for applications such as object detection, classification by license plate or facial recognition.

That is to say, that at the moment you cannot put it on your mobiles, although everything will come.

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