Alexa will be able in the future to use any human voice, even the deceased

Amazon is currently developing a function for Alexa that will give a lot to talk about when it can be made available to all users. As advanced this past Wednesday in Las Vegas, within the framework of the celebration of the Re: Mars conferenceAmazon showed a sneak peek of the new feature currently in development that will allow Alexa to take on any human voice.

Amazon virtual assistant you’ll need less than a minute of audio recording to adopt anyone’s voiceRohit Prasad, senior vice president and chief scientist for the Alexa team, said at the event, allowing the assistant to replicate the human voice and allow interactions with users using said voice.

Looking to empower interactions with Alexa

But What may cause controversy is that among the human voices, voices of deceased people can also be used, as Prasad dropped at said event, considering that it would be a way to commemorate a deceased relative.

According to Prasad’s words, collected by the CNBC publication:

While AI can’t take away the pain of loss, it can definitely make memories last.

Amazon has not indicated when the new feature may finally be availablebut there is no doubt that what is really sought with this function is to encourage interactions with Alexa.

In this regard, at the aforementioned event they showed a video in which a child said: “Alexa, can Grandma finish reading the Wizard of Oz to me?” to which Alexa confirmed her request with her usual voice, later changing her voice to that of the requested human person.

It will be interesting to know all the details of this new function, for example, if it will allow saving more than one voice simultaneously to change between them as requested.

It will also be interesting to know in which languages ​​the new function can be used, and if so, if the company has also thought of a mechanism to avoid jokes in bad taste.

It will be a matter of waiting for the new function to be made available to everyone.


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