Brave Search allows you to customize search results

Brave Search is boosting its dynamics with a new feature that will allow users to set what kind of search results they want the search engine to show them.

At the moment, this is a beta feature, but we can already see what this new search option is all about.

Brave is one of the web search engines that focuses its functions on privacy, so it ensures that it does not control searches, does not track the user or collect information. And one of the features that stands out has to do with its search dynamics:

Even supposedly “neutral” or “private” search engines rely on Big Tech to deliver results. At Brave we are different. We offer results based on our own index, developed from scratch.

A dynamic that is enhanced by the new feature that is being added to Brave Search. As mentioned in The VergeBrave will let you customize search results using a new feature, which is still in beta.

This function called «Goggles» will allow you to establish a series of filters to guide the search results to certain sources or sectors. In other words, any user will be able to alter the search results by establishing their own criteria.

In this way, the search engine may not give you the important sources that you usually find in the first results, but other media that match the filters you established in your search will be prioritized. Following this dynamic, you can perform the same search using different criteria or filters.

To test this feature, you just have to type the keywords for your search and then click on the “Goggles” tab. As you can see in the image above, you can specify that the results only take into account technology blogs. Or you may want to exclude some font from the search results.

For example, exclude any results with Pinterest content, since they are usually single images without sources or options to expand the information. For now, Brave added some example filters, but the idea is for developers and users to expand the possibilities.

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