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The long-awaited sequel to the Xenoblade saga is making its show and preparing for its imminent release on Nintendo Switch.

MonolithSoft’s JRPG was already a surprise last April with an unexpected surprise from Nintendo. While the game was initially to point the tip of its nose on the hybrid console of the Kyoto firm in September 2022, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was finally brought forward two months, a very rare decision in the industry! Finally marked on the date of July 29 on Nintendo’s release schedule, the game is now coming in a month and it was high time to learn more about it.

It is now done since Nintendo has just released a live 25 minute full of information. War and emotions will be at the rendezvous in this new title featuring no less than six different protagonists, all as flamboyant as each other (as usual from the studio).

A wide world and a complex society

The action of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes place in a world called Aionios. In these lands coexist two nations, Keves and Agnus who constantly clash. War is the status quo in this universe, for it is the lifeblood of life. From their birth, the inhabitants of each nation already appear as teenagers and are then trained in the arts of war. The lifespan of each is fixed at ten years during which they will have to fight and survive to hope to receive the honor of being sent to the afterlife by their sovereign.

The live remains quite enigmatic on what really returns from this strangely functioning company, but we must leave the main surprises for future long gaming sessions! Three of our heroes are from the nation of Keves while three others are from Agnus. Fate will push them to have to cooperate to save their world and reveal very dark secrets.

The franchise’s best matchups

As with each episode of the Xenoblade saga, the combat system is entitled to a complete overhaul to be specific to this title and stand out from others. Although the basics remain the same, this new installment seems to reserve the most developed combat system of all. In addition to offering a varied cast of characters, the game features an advanced class system, specific to each of the playable characters. It is then possible equip any class to create your own composition for strategies within your purview.

In addition to the six main characters, the formation of a team makes it possible to integrate a seventh member among the secondary characters that it will be possible to meet during the adventure. Also having their own unique class transferable to each of the other heroes, the possibilities are immense and the combat system of the battles furious. A fusion system will also make it possible to take a towering monster form called Ouroboros to do ever more damage on the battlefield.

The future spearhead of the Switch

After this presentation, it is clear that Nintendo is betting a lot on this new title. MonolithSoft’s latest child will have the right to its season pass as soon as the game is released to guarantee content over time. The game will then be embellished with special challenges over the months, as well as an additional scenario by the end of 2023. The lifespan then promises to be substantial and to offer an epic and memorable adventure.

Amiibos are also resurfacing with compatibility in this installment allowing classic rewards with any figure and a Monado sword skin with the Shulk amiibo from Smash Bros. As a reminder, a collector’s edition will also be sold on the My Nintendo Store very soon, and we will have to watch its release very closely, because it may run out in a few moments.

The adventures of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 await you on July 29! Only a few more weeks to wait for the most impatient of you. If ever you are not aficionados of the saga and you are waiting for more general Nintendo news, know that a second Nintendo Direct could well make a surprise appearance next week according to the words of several renowned leakers. To be continued…

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