Fender tries to revolutionize music with the metaverse

Meta and the musical instrument builder launch an exclusive metaverse world to champion creativity.

Mark Zuckerberg’s group continues to expand its grip on the metaverse through its platform Horizon World and a new collaboration. It is with the Fender group that Meta will offer a whole new world in its virtual universe to continue to show the different applications that VR can have.

Far from the classic meeting rooms and other telecommuting features that the promoters of the metaverse are desperately trying to sell us, Facebook and the creator of the guitars offer to escape into a world formed after the instrument. Amped mountains and Stratocaster islands await Horizon World users for a musical and collaborative getaway.

A true musical adventure

Logging into the Fender Stratoverse will inspire users to cooperate to spark their creativity. Once in this universe made of instruments and other disproportionate musical accessories, you will have to go in search of musical chords hidden in the four corners of the map. This kind of musical treasure hunt aims to arouse the curiosity of the players before grouping them together in order to create their own pieces thanks to the different chords discovered together. Users without knowledge of music theory will also be happy to find their account with air guitar performances that do not require any particular skill.

For Evan Jones, Marketing Director of Fender, this collaboration is a new turning point in terms of musical experience:

Collaboration and experimentation are essential ingredients to the discoveries of a musical journey, and we can’t wait to see what creators can do with the limitless potential of the metaverse and our first Fender Stratoverse experience.

Unsurprisingly, this new virtual world will come with its own set of accessories and clothing for pimp your Meta avatar in the colors of the Fender brand. It remains to be seen if the metaverse can really encourage more developed creativity and quality collaborative musical pieces. And you, do you plan to start composing music in this Stratoverse?

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