Ford will manufacture its next generation of electric vehicles in Valencia

Valencia, in Spain, has been chosen as the city where Ford will manufacture its next generation of electric cars.

He had to decide between manufacturing them in his factory in Valencia or in Saarlouis, Germany, but in the end he has opted for Valencia to reduce costs. They believe that it will be cheaper to do it in Spain, although everything is in the very long term, since the first cars are expected at the end of this decade.

They mainly want build a profitable business in Europesecuring jobs and growing Ford’s offering of premium, high-performance, fully connected electric vehicles.

The good news for Valencia it transforms like this in a bad one for the Ford plant in Germany, although it will continue to serve as European headquarters and they will make electric batteries. Germany will remain its main investment, with €2bn planned for an electric vehicle hub due for completion in 2023.

In the electric car sector, Ford is investing a total of 50 billion dollars, and wants to sell 2 million electric vehicles a year by 2026.

To achieve those numbers, it will work to have three new electric passenger vehicles and four new electric commercial vehicles in Europe, all in preparation for the 2035 EU ban on making more internal combustion cars.

Even if it is not possible to ban this in 2035, it is believed that electric cars will be 80% of new vehicles on that date, so it is clear that those who bet now will have their way in the future.

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