Get premium mattresses at the best price with Emma

On the occasion of the sales, Emma invites you to sleep better without putting a dent in your budget. Mattresses, box springs, pillows… The brand crushes the prices of its premium products.

Starting signal ! The sales are launched and Emma does not take this commercial event lightly. Until next July 19, the products of the French brand benefit from admirable reductions. Whether you’re looking for a new mattress, bedding, box spring or pillow, you will necessarily find your happiness at the best price. Emma invites you to sleep better now. Because we sleep almost a third of our lives, we might as well do it properly.

To discover Emma products on sale up to -50%, it’s here:

Take advantage of the sales at Emma

The best mattresses at bargain prices

You can count on Emma to celebrate the sales and offer discounts and offers worthy of the name. If its products are already on average 2 to 3 times cheaper than its competitorsit is in particular because they are sold exclusively online. This represents less cost for the brand, and it is the customers who benefit. Thus, with the sales, Emma manages to offer mattresses at even lower prices.

Emma’s Original is the darling of the market. Made in France, it is the best-selling mattress in France for three years now. Neither too soft nor too hard, this mattress is a real treasure designed to allow you to sleep better thanks to the three special foams, one of which is memory foam, combined in 25 centimeters of thickness.

Usually displayed at 479 euros for the size 140 x 190 cm, Emma’s Original drops to 387.99 euros during the summer sales. The icing on the cake, the promotional code JDG10 gives you an additional 10% discount. Clearly, you’re saving a lot of money.

Last year, Emma unveiled her Hybrid mattress. Elected product of the year according to the UFC Que Choisir twice, this premium mattress also has it all. There is a superposition of layers of foam, including a shape memory layer embellished with a layer of pocket springs. These pocket springs provide real support for your body. In short, comfort at its peak.

Emma Hybrid Mattress
Emma Hybrid © Emma

As a result, Emma’s Hybrid is a bit more expensive than its brother but remains at a very reasonable price in terms of its quality. In addition, thanks to the sales, the price is reduced by several hundred euros. For a few more days, the Hybrid mattress drops to 649.35 euros instead of 999 euros, an immediate reduction of 35%. The code JDG10 is still relevant and allows you to lower the bill by an additional 10%.

No matter which mattress you choose, Emma gives you 100 trial nights to change your mind, or not. You thus have the opportunity to test your new acquisition in real conditions, unlike the flash trials offered in the physical stores of competitors. Also note that you benefit from a 10 year warranty. So you can sleep soundly on that side…

Take advantage of the sales at Emma

Our selection of other Emma products during the sales

Of course, it’s not just the mattresses that matter when it comes to giving you a good night’s sleep. The pillows, the bed base or the blanket play a major role. Thus, Emma takes advantage of the sales to sell off the prices of her other products. Everyone should find their account.

Emma’s Original pillow is the best-selling pillow in France. At the same time, thermoresponsive and breathable with three removable layers depending on your sleeping position and shape memory technology, that’s understandable. Initially available at 69 euros, Emma breaks the price of this flagship pillow: it’s yours for 48.99 euros.

You can also fall for the weighted blanket, voted product of the year 2022. Just that! More weight, perhaps, but also less stress. Indeed, this cover, and its seven evenly distributed layers, ensures you sweet nights. It relieves you of stress and anxiety and helps you fall asleep more easily. Until the end of the sales, it goes below 100 euros. Leave with your Emma weighted blanket for 97.30 euros instead of 139 euros. As for Emma’s 4-season cover, it’s 50% off.

Don’t forget to add the promotional code JDG10 to benefit from an additional 10% discount on your total and lower the bill a little more.

To discover all the Emma products on sale until July 19, 2022, it’s here:

Take advantage of the sales at Emma

What you need to know about our good plans

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