Here is the 100 GB mobile plan at a low price (valid for life) that everyone has been waiting for πŸ”₯

During the sales, it is possible to make great deals. And especially on mobile plans. At the moment, a crazy offer allows you to take advantage of 100 GB, without commitment, and with a price valid for life!

The summer sales are launched and we see many good deals on the web that allow you to save a lot. If there is one item of expenditure on which we can drastically reduce the bill, it is that of mobile plans. At the moment, the MNVO (virtual operator) Cdiscount Mobile is drawing an essential deal that is likely to seduce a large number of French people.

Until next June 28, its 100 GB mobile plan is offered at only 8.99 euros per month. With zero commitment, no time constraints, and a fixed price that doesn’t increase even after the first year, it’s clearly a great deal. As a reminder, Cdiscount Mobile operates the antennas of the incumbent operator Bouygues Telecom. It can thus offer excellent quality and network coverage.

See Cdiscount Mobile plans

Alongside this star offer, the operator offers two other equally interesting mobile plans, also with very attractive rates and valid for life. Thus, the MNVO diversifies its offer and can meet the needs of all users. As for the other two packages, we therefore have: 70 GB at 6.99 euros and 100 GB at 8.99 euros and 140 GB at 10.99 euros.

100 GB at 8.99 euros, the summer mobile plan

Among the three packages offered by Cdiscount Mobile, the 100 GB one seems the most interesting. Indeed, if we look at the quantity of internet price ratio, it is difficult to find better on the market today. If this is too much, you can turn to the 70 GB formula. On the contrary, if this is not enough, the 140 GB package is there to satisfy heavy consumers of mobile data.

The main advantage of all these packages is that they accompany you in France but also abroad. In concrete terms, this means that you benefit from calls/SMS/MMS as in mainland France from 38 destinations included, including 30 destinations in Europe (27 EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and 8 overseas destinations.

The services they include are strictly the same. Only the amount of internet differentiates them, particularly in terms of that available from the European Union and the overseas departments. It is 9 GB and 13 GB respectively for the 70 GB and 100 GB packages – and rises to 15 GB for the 140 GB package. abroad this summer or if you have to travel on a professional basis.

In detail, here are the three Cdiscount Mobile plans at the moment:

  • 70 GB package (+9 GB EU and DOM) at €6.99 valid for life
  • 100 GB package (+13 GB EU and DOM) at €8.99 valid for life
  • 140 GB package (+15 GB EU and DOM) at €10.99 valid for life

As with most operators, the SIM card costs 10 euros. It will be sent to you within 48 hours once your registration has been validated.

How to cancel while keeping your number?

For people who have decided to change operator and opt for one of the plans offered by Cdiscount Mobile, while keeping their phone number, it is quite feasible. All you have to do is enter your RIO code when you register with your new operator, Cdiscount Mobile in this case.

As a reminder, the RIO represents your unique telecom subscriber number. It is obtained by dialing 3179 from your mobile and consists of 12 characters (letters and numbers). It is thanks to him that you will be able to keep your current number and terminate your contract with your mobile operator. In addition to being free, the process is very simple and only takes 2 minutes watch in hand.

As you will have understood, all the mobile plans put forward by Cdiscount are very advantageous, whether in terms of their price, but also their quality. The virtual operator has not one but three offers to satisfy a large number of customers. And this is an essential asset that counts in trying to win the battle it is waging with other operators.

So now is the perfect time to switch providers if you’re tired of paying too much or aren’t happy with your current offer. Finally, it will not take too long since these offers run until June 28th. After that, it will be too late!

To access Cdiscount Mobile plans, go here:

See Cdiscount Mobile plans

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