IKEA uses augmented reality to help you redecorate

IKEA continues to bet on augmented reality for its applications. Its new tool allows you to remove your furniture and replace it with that of the Swedish giant. Something to help you better visualize what your interior would look like.

The augmented reality interests many sectors and especially the world of tech. The world number one in furniture, IKEA, is also multiplying The initiatives and its latest novelty looks promising. After IKEA Place and the ability to place virtual furniture in a room, Ikea announces the arrival of a new tool called “Creative Scene Scanner”. Directly integrated into the IKEA application, the function allows you to scan a room and erase your existing furniture. From there you can install new virtual furniture like sofas or tables. If you don’t want to scan your interior, the tool offers around fifty virtual rooms to decorate according to your preferences.

To work, the application uses a AI-based scanning technique. The solution ” Creative » works for now on iOS and is more effective on iPhones equipped with LiDAR. However, it is not essential to have a smartphone equipped with this sensor.

IKEA Creative
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Several steps are necessary and the first is to choose the room profilethen to take multiple photos to create a panoramic shot. The image will need to be processed by IKEA and not locally before it can be edited in the app. It is also possible to go through the firm’s website.

Unless starting from an empty room, it will then be possible to delete items that have been detected and you don’t want to see in the room anymore. The operation is not unlike that of the “magic eraser” tools; found on devices such as the Pixel 6 or some models signed Xiaomi. The Swedish giant ensures that this wide-angle interactive version of space offers “dimensions and a precise perspective”.

IKEA Creative
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A little trick already allows you to test the tool

IKEA will nevertheless take its time before deploying this new function. It is currently available in the United States for iOS and laptop users. The tool ” Creative » will be proposed internationally and to Android users in the course of 2023. Little trick, just change region in app preferences to access the function.

IKEA Creative
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