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Instead of air conditioning, the BlitzWolf fan helps you survive

Many places don’t have air conditioning, and it’s completely understandable if someone doesn’t want to install it, as it can’t be somewhere, it’s expensive enough, and can’t be called environmentally conscious. However, none of the fans are adjustable there are some that go beyond the crumbly basic pieces.

The BlitzWolf BW-F2 fan has a lot of features not found in most similar widgets. This is basically one 25 centimeter diameter device, which is the first good feature that collapsible, if not used, because it is winter, say, it can be packed in a small box and slipped into the bottom of the cabinet. It’s not that big of a feature, though has a built-in batteryso we can take it anywhere with us and move it from one place to another in one apartment.

A real life hack is that on warm summer days, you have to put out a fan for the open window in the evenings to bring in the minimum temperature difference that God doesn’t want to get into anyway when the weather is perfectly windless. This way we can cool the apartment a bit every night, even when the temperature only cools down to 22-23 degrees at night. An axis solution is the best for this, because it can be placed on the windowsill smoothly. The 7200 mAh battery has a built-in battery for up to 12 hoursand its speed can be adjusted in four steps.

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