new gaming headsets and monitors on the way

Sony will present new products on June 28. The firm would prepare a new series of gaming headsets, as well as new monitors. Here’s what we know a few days before the announcement.

A tweet from Sony invites us to “find your new zone”, the June 28 at 11 p.m. (French time). The message intentionally remains vague and does not reveal official information on what will be announced. The most curious will note the presence of “GLHF” on YouTube, abbreviation of Good Luck, Have Fuck or “Good luck, have fun”. The message is popping up in online games and gamers may well be Sony’s target.

Prior to the event, leaks mentioned the arrival of a new range for gamers. The OnLeaks leaker, via the site 91Mobiles, is particularly talkative and evokes the arrival of three ranges. Grouped under the “Inzone” H-series brand, they would occupy different price segments to target a wide audience. The Inzone H3, Inzone H7 et Inzone H9 would all be entitled to 360° spatial sound and at the certification Discord.

Inzone H3: wired and affordable?

The range would start with the Inzone H3, the only wired headset in this series. More affordable than other models, it would have a USB-C port, an LED and an NC / AMB button (noise canceling / ambient noise mode) which suggests the presence of a noise reduction function. Sony would deliver its headphones with a USB-A adapter.

Sony Inzone H3
© Onleaks et 91Mobiles

Second helmet in the series, the Inzone H7 is a wireless model taking up the design of the H3. The microphone boom changes from black to white and the headset offers a different location of the buttons. On the H7 headset, there is a Game / Chat button as well as a Bluetooth button could pair its equipment, in addition to a power on and off button. On the other hand, this model seems to ignore noise reduction and rather rely on autonomy.

A USB-C cable and USB dongle is said to accompany the headset, suggesting compatibility with computers.

Inzone H7 and H9: wireless gaming headsets

The most high-end model, the Inzone H9 takes over the best features of its little brothers. It would inherit the design of the H7 by adding fairly discreet LED lighting and would offer noise reduction. The location of the microphone and buttons is the same as on the H7.

Sony is reportedly adding a USB-C cable and USB dongle with its Bluetooth headphones. These accessories tend to confirm that these headsets will probably work on PC, in addition to being compatible with the PlayStation 5.

Sony Inzone H7
Le Sony Inzone H7. © Onleaks et 91Mobiles

The prices of the helmets have not yet been revealed, but the @Zuby-Tech account mentions prices of $99 for the H3, $199 for the H7, and $299 for the H9.

In addition to helmets, Sony would announce two new monitors for gaming. One of the screens would have a 4K panel at 144 Hz and the other of a slab Full HD (1080p) à 240 Hz. Both would be presented as “perfect for PS5” and would support VRR with low latency. The monitors would add “game assist functions” such as the possibility of displaying the number of FPS, the game time, a viewfinder or improving the brightness in dark areas (Black Equalizer). Exclusive PlayStation features would also be included.

It will be necessary to wait until June 28 for the officialization and to discover the prices.

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