Philips Hue App – Update brings alarm clock with sunrise function

The Philips Hue app gets new functions after an update. Here comes the sunrise alarm function.

Philips Hue lights simulate the sunrise to wake you up

On Tuesday Daniel has about it reportedthat Philips Hue has introduced new lights for its smart lighting system. Among other things, users can look forward to the modular Terifo rail system, a new Hue Go table lamp and a Hue Tap dial switch.

Philips Hue Perifo corner rail system

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There are also innovations in the Hue app, which will be introduced with the latest update. It is now possible to create an automatic alarm called “Sunrise”, which simulates sunrise and was specially developed for the Hue gradient products. However, the alarm function also works with the normal White Ambiance lights.

In addition, users can now specify how bright the light should be at the end of an automatic alarm. In addition, the accessories dashboard has been improved and should be more user-friendly.

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