Smartphone app is finally discontinued!

The final end for Android Auto. Effective immediately, the app can no longer be used on smartphones.

Google discontinues Android Auto smartphone app!

Android Auto was already discontinued in 2021 with Android 12 and higher. But with earlier versions of the operating system, you could still use the app on the smartphone. Android Auto had to deal with many problems, there were even different versions in the portfolio for a while.

Now Android Auto is over. Google has finally completed the previously announced discontinuation of Android Auto for smartphones. Now users should switch to the successor Google Assistant Driving Mode. The successor is not available for all users, but Google is gradually making it possible.

This setting from the Android Auto app has no effect on Android Auto on the infotainment display. Although the surface of the infotainment display is also controlled by the smartphone, it has nothing to do with the classic car app. Of course, the same name causes confusion.


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