Something is coming soon: Tim Cook personally teasers VR glasses from Apple


Plans for AR/VR glasses from Apple have been floating around the web for months. Now CEO Tim Cook is getting specific – unusually specific for Apple. Are VR glasses coming out anytime soon?

Apple has been working on VR/AR glasses for years.  What this will look like is still unclear.

Apple has been working on VR/AR glasses for years. What this will look like is still unclear. (Source: netzwelt)

  • An unwritten Apple law says, “Never talk about unreleased products.”
  • In an interview with China Daily, Apple CEO Tim Cook was unusually specific about the rumored AR/VR glasses.
  • Cook literally said: “Wait and you will see what we have in store”.

Von Meta bis Google: Many big technology companies have their own VR- oder AR-Headsets. Just not Apple. Not yet! Recently, reports have been circulating that the inventor of the iPhone could soon be the same present several pairs of glasses at once. Well-known analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo publish from time to time Bits of information about Apple’s plans. For years! Now none other than Tim Cook is heating up the rumors about Apple glasses.

In an interview with China Daily Cook speaks again about how important the topic of augmented reality (AR) is for his company. What potential the technology offers. How she puts people first. “I’m bursting with excitement at the possibilities this technology brings,” says Cook. And then the CEO says something that sticks: “Stay tuned and you’ll see what we have to offer”.

Tiny 4K screens right in front of your eyes

The Apple glasses are rumored to have two small OLED displays with 4K resolution and literally covered with cameras. The glasses are not expected to be released any time soon. An appointment with him would be possible iPhone 14 im September. However, it is more likely that the release will take place in 2023.

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