Sony has messed up again

Sony is making some questionable changes to Spider-Man’s antagonist, and it’s not good news.

After the successive failures of Venom 2 et Morbius, Sony continues its merry way in the Marvel universe. On the sidelines of the MCU, the studios are developing their own franchise inspired by the characters revolving around Spider-Man in the comics.

Until now, the firm had moreover devoted itself rather to anti-heroes. A positioning very different from that of the House of Ideas and Disney, who prefer to focus on models of virtue like Captain America and other fearless and blameless superheroes.

Except these anti-heroes or antagonists aren’t nearly as ruthless and scary as expected. On the other hand, we could imagine that the cursor would be set higher for the adventures of Kraven the Hunter. After all, he’s one of the most iconic characters in comics.

A sweet lamb

Son of Russian parents, Sergei crossed very young Europe, Asia and Africa living only from his hunts. He then quickly becomes a hunter renowned for having killed an adult gorilla with his bare hands.

It is his encounter with an African sorcerer that will change his life forever. After drinking a potion, he finds himself with tenfold strength and speed. He will face several heroes from the Marvel universe, starting with Daredevil, Black Widow and of course Spider-Man. He is therefore far from being a nice, nature-loving guy.

But that’s on paper. In the universe of Sony, it will take on a new appearance. While filming has just ended, Aaron Taylor-Johnson confided in the character he will play on the screen. It’s not encouraging.

“He’s one of Marvel’s most iconic characters, a notorious anti-hero and Spider-Man’s number one rival. He is not an alien or a wizard, just a hunter, a human with convictions. He is a nature protector and an animal lover. He’s a really, really cool character.”

We are still far from the character with a lion’s head as a headgear. After having transformed Morbius into a real altar boy, and made Venom a comic chicken-eater, Sony is obviously going to transform the bloodthirsty beast into a real lamb.

We will not say that the project is dead in the bud, but it is far from being engaging. Fans were quick to express their displeasure on social media. A disenchantment campaign which intervenes when the film should not be released on our screens before January 2023.

Then, we should discover a film centered on Madame Web with Dakota Johnson in the title role, a third opus of the adventures of Venom and maybe even a Morbius 2. Olivia Wilde was also working on a feature film, but little information has yet been shared. We will probably have to wait a little longer before we know more.

As a reminder, Kraven The Hunter is directed by JC Chandor (Triple Frontier). In the casting, we will obviously find Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Russell Crowe. Ariana DeBose (West Side Story) will also be there.

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