Spotify improves its app’s live event discovery capabilities

After the break due to the coronavirus pandemic, live concert enthusiasts are already preparing to attend some of the events scheduled for this summer by their favorite artists, looking, among other things, which of the scheduled events can catch them closer of their places of residence.

These people usually follow their favorite artists and musical bands through social networks and other platforms outside of Spotify to keep up to date with the activities that they are programming along the way, despite the fact that within Spotify they can listen to their musical themes, establish some links to them, and more.

Helping fans and the live music industry

That’s why Spotify tries to “complete the loop” by bringing them back to your app for live event discovery, replacing their underperforming Concert Hub with the new Live Events Feed, offering them a better way to discover live events in their local areas in a more personalized way based on their listening habits.

Spotify will maintain its partnerships with various ticketing platforms such as Ticketmaster, AXS, DICE, Eventbrite, See Tickets and others. to deliver this new feature that strengthens the live event discovery capabilities within the app.

In this regard, this is one important step to continue working on event discovery capabilities in the future that will be developed based on user feedback, where there could be room for the arrival of more advanced search tools, new playlist formats or even new integrations in key places within the application.

Acorde a Spotify:

Overall, the Live Event Feed will help you stay even more aware of events you might be interested in and help you make more confident decisions when purchasing tickets, all by putting the right event in the hands of the right fan at the right time. .

Ultimately, the aim is not only for users to be aware of the live events scheduled by their favorite artists, including those artists they also discover along the way, but also help improve the industry of the song live for years to come putting their grain of sand to make live events able to give massive attendance of followers.

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