the competitive FPS from the creators of Alien Isolation is finally revealed

Far from the seriousness of their usual games, Creative Assembly offers us a crazy and anti-capitalist multiplayer FPS.

Three years ago, the Creative Assembly studio that we know for the series of Total War or the excellent Alien Isolation revealed to be in full development of a new FPS. After teasing and very little news from an image unveiled in a tweet in May 2021the title is finally revealed and seems to promise a wacky experience as possible.

Science fiction is doing well with offbeat universes, and that, the studio has understood. Although the trailer does not reveal no gameplay snippetsthis cinematic puts us in the heart of the colorful world of HYENAS with special effects Spiderverse from Sony Animation. The FPS is reminiscent Payday et Apex, both in terms of art direction and gameplay. Between creepy masks, armed robbery and combat against other teams of players, this game promises a good dose of fun and frenetic confrontations.

Royal victory against capitalism

Earth is no more, the rich live on Mars and try to get even richer by selling pop culture artifacts from a now fallen world. The rest of the humans are crammed into a huge shanty ship, but misfits intend to upset the balance. More than’a subtle critique of society and our future slipped into the game, this narrative framework allows us to carry the game system.

The completely crazy universe ofHYENAS holds out-of-the-ordinary gameplay tamed by the game’s setting. With your team of 3 players, your objective will be to loot space malls run by Martian millionaires. You can then grab goodies from Sonic and other SEGA games, get rid of your opponents in strange shops or even hit your enemies with teddy bears. No it’s not a kamoulox but the crazy recipe for this new franchise.

The course of the games is still unclear, but we already know that the games will be both PvP and PvE by opposing us to other players as well as to AIs (which will most likely represent the security of the places that we will try to strip). Strange mix between a battle royale and a team shooter, we can’t wait to find out what’s going on. Note that it is already possible to register for the alpha of the game on the official site. The title does not yet have a release date, but it is planned for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series as well as PlayStation 4 and 5 courant 2023.

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