The Ford SuperVan is back, but now it’s a 100% electric van with… 2,000 hp!

The Goodwood Festival of Speed It is the ideal setting to exhibit brutalities on wheels and to show this Ford Pro SuperVan in key electrical. With a suit and competition dressings, this van signs nothing more and nothing less than the 2.000 CV.

This is the fourth member of this extreme family of vans based on the Ford Transit, which began in the 1970s. with that Ford SuperVan that hid the engine del Ford GT40. And it presumes to be the fastest ever conceived.

It is revealed today at this British event that has already opened its doors and with Romain Dumas unleashing its full potential.

From 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2.0 seconds

Ford Pro Supervan Electric 2022

Is Ford Pro SuperVan Electric takes as a basis la Ford E-Transit Customwhose first details have been announced and will be launched on the market in 2023. Of course, the mechanics of this beast developed by Ford Performance is very different from what is expected for this zero-emission industrial.

The Electric SuperVan comes to life thanks to four electric motors who sign together 2.000 CV. This quartet takes its energy from a battery of 50 kWh liquid cooling, which is located on the floor, seeking optimal weight distribution and a low center of gravity.

The autonomy is not indicated, although Ford indicates that it can be fully charged in 45 minutes plugged into a fast charger. Of course, it promises an acceleration 0-100 in less than 2.0 seconds and, at least in the video, we see her reach a point of 350 km / h.

Plus? yes it offers five driving modeswhere we only find a normal one (Road), the rest being focused on competition: Track (for circuit), Drag (acceleration), Drift (for skidding including on snow) and Rally (for asphalt and gravel sections).

However, since it is electric, it has a regenerative braking system, with up to three retention levels to return energy to the battery or preserve it.

It also has double wishbone suspension, traction control, launch control, speed limiter for the pit-lane and the Tire cleaning modewhich separately locks each axle to “burn the wheel”, cleaning and warming the tires to be ready for the race.

Ford Pro Supervan Electric 2022

Although it takes the chassis of the E-Transit Custom it has been specifically tuned and is made of steel. Meanwhile, the body panels have been designed in lightweight materials.

Its technical benefits are accompanied by a suit to match and much more aggressive than that of the E-Transit, based on aerodynamic elements. At the front we find a huge air intake crowned by a front lip, which is accompanied by generous side skirts and a rear diffuser based on vertical slats.

Ford Pro Supervan Electric 2022

It also consists of a spoiler that rises on the roof and several fins, so that it sticks as much as possible to the asphalt in curves at high speeds.

Like a good racing model, the interior has been stripped down to the essentials, with racing steering wheel and seats or roll cagethese of the last ones homologated by the FIA.

But there is also room for the screens, since it has two: the one for the digital instrumentation and one huge tablet style inherited del Ford Mustang Mach-E with SYNC multimedia system. In addition, it is full of cameras on board, to show the pilot in action while devouring circuits or rally sections.

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