the smallest rotary motor in the world can rotate up to 30,000 rpm!

If you are a motor lover wobble you are going to enjoy it very hard with the video of the world’s smallest rotary engine and its curious sound: it is the Toyan RS-S100 created by the specialists in miniature engine kits at Enginediy, who have been brightening up the lives of the most geek petrolhead -ourselves included- since 2009.

This beautiful minimotor that looks like it just came out of a Lilliputian workshop, has recently been tested by the canal de YouTube “Warped Perception” and surprises with its impressive records: it has a single rotor, weighs 254 grams, has 2.46 cc and provides 0.71 CV. But we leave the best for last: it turns at 30,000 rpm!

Hypnotic operation and somewhat peculiar sound

The channel “Warped Perception” (something like “Percepción Distorsionada” in Spanish) is known for doing tests focused on engineering and all kinds of ‘mischief’ related to the automotive industry, including other miniature motor tests.

But according to his host, Matt, until now he had “never brought any small engine up to 30,000 rpm”. Watch out for the curious and characteristic sound it makes at its peak (minute 05:18).

This small Toyan rotary motor that fits in the palm of a hand, manages to exceed the channel’s expectations with the figures it provides in its diagnostic machines, and it is that they didn’t even think it could work.

“This engine is so small that it’s almost unbelievable to me that it works, but it does. And to my surprise, it worked really well,” acknowledges Matt. In fact, it was to be expected that it would take several tries to get it to work.

When it does, the images show how the engine vibrates so violently that it constantly shakes its little exhaust pipe and ends up suffering damage.

Matt stops just short of making these permanent as he considers using the little rotary on another project. Before that, he will have to figure out how to find mini tools to repair it with.


Mazda rotary engine

To mention a few, among the advantages of rotary motors are a more compact size and lower weight, smoother delivery of torque (more linear), or less vibration and mechanical complexity. For many, these outweigh their drawbacks, such as higher expense, regular maintenance and oil consumption.

But even though rotary engines have one of the most interesting technologies on the market, vehicles equipped with them are no longer manufactured today. The last to do so was Mazda RX-8which went out of production a decade ago.

Leaving aside that Mazda will officially bring the rotary as a range extender to your future electric MX-30this unique engine will continue to be a toy for enthusiasts and hobbyists, just like the one in the video.

Its price? This wonder costs less than 500 dollars, or what is the same, only 475 euros. The manufacturer also has a two-rotor configuration available, for those who want to go one step further.

And to tempt the pocket, we have to say that they also have available from old Sterling even the most complex V8 unitswhich you can assemble yourself and are fully functional.

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