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The Topshak demolition hammer is available for as little as HUF 40,000

A demolition hammer is a fairly serious structure, not so much in the category of hobby DIY, but rather in the hobby house builder group, although the fact is that it is not for construction but can be used for demolition primarily. If you have to hide a wire in the wall, if you need to demolish the concrete stairs or just demolish the garden house completely, the machine will do a good job.

To the demolition hammer of Topshak its power is 1700 watts and the manufacturer has given it 60 J of impact energy. Both values ​​are very high, and if we want to buy something like that, we have to choose from the top category. Not all of their words may be true of the Chinese, however the reviews on the product sheet so far are quite convincing.

Although a real monster of the machine, for that matter they tried to create it in such a way that there would be no huge fuss about its handling. It is equipped with a vibration damper and its handle can be rotated 360 degrees. Because the machine is heavy, so it is not easy to carry, but that is why they add one rolling plastic holder, which makes it much more convenient to carry the machine. To complete the set, by default we also get a flat and a pointed chisel, Allen keys and a spare carbon brush.

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