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27 years after the first adventures of Andy’s toys, Pixar tells the story of the character who inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy. What is this new film promised to interplanetary success worth?

In 1995, children around the world discovered a toy story that was to become a monument of pop culture. Pixar tackles a childhood fantasy, that of seeing their favorite toys come to life in the greatest secrecy. The release of the film will have kept many cherubs awake, determined to take their toys hand in the bag, living their lives as animated dolls far from the radar.

27 years and a few sequels later, the franchise returns as a spin-off. No more question of exploring the adventures of the plastic men, this time, it is on the side of science fiction that the studios take us. As the film announces from the start, through a credits inspired by those of the saga Star Wars (minus the drop-down formula so as not to over-emphasize the reference), Buzz Lightning is the product derived from the eponymous film.

It is this film that will be unveiled to spectators, in the comfort of their favorite dark room. Buzz Lightyear is a skilled astronaut who travels the galaxy in search of alien life. When he finally meets these little green men, who here take the form of animated and tough vines, he dooms his entire team to remain stranded on this hostile planet. He will do everything to bring them back to Earth.

But during his experiments, he discovers the risks of hyperspace travel. While he thinks he’s been gone for a few minutes, he discovers that those around him have continued to age by several years. Then follows a crossover with her partner and best friend. Buzz Lightyear doesn’t give up, however, he is determined to return home, even if it means having to sacrifice his years to do so.

Buzz Lightning
Credits: Pixar

A story of time

The strength of Pixar films undoubtedly lies in their intimate narration, the way in which the studios tell the passage to adulthood and its challenges, the pangs of time passing or the quest for oneself. So when the announcement of a purely SF film was made, one could fear that this dimension would be sacrificed for the benefit of the big show. Angus MacLane’s film proved us wrong.

If the plot is obviously centered around an epic quest, the intrigues on a human scale are not neglected. Through the adventures of this fearless and blameless hero, Pixar also and above all tells how you have to live with your failures, accept to sometimes give up. A moral that punctuates the story at every moment, and which also serves as the great revelation of the film. Without saying too much about it, we will simply say that Buzz Lightning surprised us in many ways.

pixar buzz lightning
Credits: Pixar

Buzz’s career is not the only one to be developed in this way, the whole cast of characters is entitled to similar treatment. In particular on the side of Izzy Hawthorne camped by the irresistible Lyna Khoudri in France. We also find a very solemn François Civil, far from his usual scores. He nevertheless manages to pay tribute to this sometimes funny and often touching role. We also salute the performance of Chantal Ladesou, whose character reminds us of a certain Madame Placard.

We will end with SOX, an adorable robot cat who plays the perfect sidekicks for the very formal Buzz. A little character who promises to be a hit on the shelves of Disney stores, and for good reason. With the voice of Michael Gregorio, he will immediately become your favorite character!

High-flying spectacle

As we said above, Pixar has this time drawn its inspiration from science fiction, and the references are numerous. Of Star Wars at Interstellar, many masterpieces of the genre seem to have fed the narrative. The goal for Pixar: to give birth to entertainment at all times, a great animated show punctuated by moments of tenderness but also and above all action.

Angus McLane does not skimp on the means, with reinforcement of 3D animation of the most beautiful effect. Decors teeming with details, a real work on textures and light, Pixar lives up to its reputation.

Chris Evans and François Civil play Buzz Lightyear
Credits: Pixar

During combat sessions, Buzz Lightning also shines with its realization, with sublime spinning shots to give scope to the fights. Cartoon or not, the director is working hard to give substance to his story, and satisfy fans of the genre.

Still, sometimes the plot drags on, and gets lost in its own back and forth. A heightened sensation as the conclusion approaches. Buzz Lightning is not free from faults, it nevertheless manages to surpass them to establish itself as a pleasing prank for the universe Toy Story.

The movie too many?

It is never good to take up classics to develop it excessively. However, Toy Story seems to be the exception that proves the rule, with four opuses of undeniable quality. This new component could have sounded like the film too many for Pixar, fortunately, it manages to reinvent the recipe while paying homage to the first films.

Without being an immediate crush, Buzz Lightning stands out as a successful entertainment, a foot-to-earth adventure for young and old. The film promises to be a real buzz as summer vacation approaches. He promises to draw crowds to the cinema. For the time being, it is the only Pixar film promised for cinema exploitation, while the firm seems to be betting on Disney + for the rest of its program.

We will therefore have to take advantage of it as long as we can, especially now that we know that the next Disney film will land directly on the platform. If success is there, the firm with big ears could review its strategy.

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