What’s new in Microsoft Edge that makes it the “best browser for gamers”

Microsoft just introduced the new gaming-focused features it’s bringing to the current stable version of Edge to make it “the best browser for gamers”including a new home page for gamers, Clarity Boost to improve picture quality for Xbox cloud gaming, new Efficiency mode settings for better gaming performance, and more.

All these news are now coming to Edge after offering a preview of the same weeks ago, turning Microsoft Edge into a rival browser to Opera GXthe game-oriented version of the Opera browser.

On the home page for players, which can be accessed by pressing “Games” in the navigation bar at the top, they point out that it is personalized to the interests of each one, including news, game guides, live streams, game highlights, tournaments, and more.

Those who sign in with their Xbox accounts will have easy access to Xbox’s game library. Xbox Cloud Gamingpersonalized game recommendations, as well as a list of recently played titles, among others, although those with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will also be able to start playing Xbox Cloud Gaming games directly in the browser itself.

Clarity Boost is a feature exclusive to Microsoft Edge that enables Xbox Cloud Gaming game images to become clearer and sharper in gaming sessions under Windows 10 and 11.

More precisely, they point out that:

It uses a set of client-side scaling enhancements to improve the visual quality of the video stream. Clarity Boost lets you play the most advanced games on the market and experience stunning graphics right from Microsoft Edge, whether you’re on your high-end PC gaming rig or tablet.

Those interested can already test the new function, having at their disposal Fortnite for free without the need for a subscription, just an Xbox account is enough.

Also comes the new setting in Efficiency mode that will offer improved PC gaming performance on Windows 10 and 11 since it reduces the use of browser resources when starting a PC game.

For those who are not so active in games but from time to time casually enjoy a game on the computer, Edge now brings a menu with a variety of free arcade and casual games which users will find by clicking the more options menu (…) in the upper right corner of the browser and then selecting Games from the list.

The Games menu gives you one-click access to classics like Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft Jewel, Microsoft Mahjong, and our exclusive Microsoft Edge Surf Game.

For now this is all it brings for players. Microsoft summons to open Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 or 11 to check the arrival of these functions, and for those who do not yet have it installed, invites them to download and install it on their computers.

More Info/Image Credit: Microsoft

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