Company seeks to develop a fully automated fueling system

Pursuing greater profitability and efficiency, a company that has extended its network of service stations throughout Egypt and Saudi Arabia, set itself the challenge of developing a fully automated sales experience.

The challenge is based on an analysis they carried out on the dynamics of fuel supply, for which they are already recruiting professionals capable of putting this proposal into practice.

In the future, the purchase of fuels could be fully automated

For many years, the dynamics to acquire fuel at a service station has been practically the same: Stop the car next to the fuel pump and refill the fuel manually, either through a self-service point or with the attention of a person in charge of the bomb. Once the load is finished, after removing the nozzle from the dispenser, the corresponding payment is made and the transaction is considered complete.

Analyzing this process, Petromin Fuel, the network of service stations that set out to perfect this dynamic, detected some drawbacks. As a consequence of the manual process, each pump operator is exposed to harmful gases for a long period, even more so if he works in a hot environment, with temperatures of up to 50 °C, as in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. In addition, during the execution of the manual process, the fuel inevitably evaporates and is lost in small amounts, which when added between each consecutive sale and between each operating service station, can generate a negative impact both in the accounting of a company, as well as in the environment itself, due to the waste of increasingly precious fuels, in relation to the global economic panorama.

As a strategy to reduce environmental and economic impacts, along with enriching the experience of its customers, Petromin Fuel announced its intention to automate the entire refueling process in a cost-effective manner. To achieve their goal, they presented a call extended until July 26, 2022, in which they look for organizations that design, manufacture and/or install the necessary resources for this purpose.

What is sought to be fully automated in the new experience that is sought to be developed is the authorization of refueling at the pump, the opening of the car’s fuel cap, the recognition of which fuel to select, the introduction of the fuel nozzle inside the car’s tank, refueling the vehicle, removing the fuel dispenser nozzle, closing the car’s fuel cap, and processing an automated customer payment.

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