Google improves Chrome’s translation feature on iOS

Google announced a series of new features for Chrome on iOS that will arrive with the next update.

News ranging from a better user interface, new security options to a better translation system. We tell you about some of the most interesting features that the new version of Chrome will bring to iOS devices.

Google Chrome is updated on iOS with these new features

One of the novelties that has been announced for Chrome on iOS improves protection against phishing attacks and any attack that the user can find in their web browsing:

If you turn on Enhanced Safe Browsing on your iPhone or iPad, Chrome proactively predicts and warns you if web pages are dangerous by sending information about them

And on the other hand, it will also warn the user if the data entered when logging into a web site or service has been compromised.

If you use Chrome frequently on your iOS device, you will notice changes to the interface with this update. For example, the browser’s home page is focused on facilitating a new search, making visible the accesses to the visited websites and the content that you will find under the “Discover” tab.

On the other hand, the Google team also mentions that the translation function will be improved in Chrome for iOS. The web browser will use machine learning to detect when the user enters a website that requires automatic translation. A dynamic that will save you having to ask the web browser to translate the web page for you.

With this update Chrome for iOS will also add the ability to use commands in the address bar for quick actions. For example, if you type “Clear history” in the address bar, Chrome will show you an action that will take you directly to settings.

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