Instagram is testing a feature for sharing sticky notes

Instagram is testing a new feature for users to share their important thoughts and announcements with their friends.

So beyond posts, Reels and direct messages, Instagram wants to implement a new dynamic to interact with friends and followers.

Quick notes that disappear, the new thing that Instagram is testing

In a previous article, we told you that Instagram is implementing new dynamics for verify the age of users. But it is not the only novelty that is on the way, since the Instagram team is testing a series of functions to enhance the dynamics of the app.

For example, one of the features being tested has to do with a new form of interaction, as mentioned in TC. Some users have noticed that a new possibility is being added in the direct messages section.

This new function called “Notes” and allows us to send quick notes to our friends or followers. As if they were Windows Sticky Notes, we can send other users these notes that will be anchored at the top of the direct messages and that will disappear in 24 hours.

Apparently, these notes will be able to have a maximum of 60 characters, since they are not intended to become a substitute for posts. So that would be enough characters, for example, if you need to make an announcement, and you don’t want it to get lost among the posts or stories of other users.

During this testing phase, notes will only be posted to the DM area, but users will not be notified. So they will see it when they enter this section, although the expiration limit of 24 hours is maintained. And if someone wants to leave a comment or respond to these notes, they can do so through messages.

Instagram confirmed that this new feature is part of a test with a small group of users, with the idea of ​​offering a quick way to share thoughts with friends. So it will be necessary to see if this dynamic of private notes passes this phase or it only remains as one of the many tests carried out by Instagram.

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