Picodi, a platform that recovers part of the money we spend on online stores

A large part of the payments we make today are already made over the Internet.

Hotels, air travel, electronics, clothing… There are many millions of euros that the population spends daily on e-commerce, and part of that money can return to the consumer thanks to platforms such as Picodi.

It’s about a cash back service that was born in Poland and that offers discount codes to users in more than 40 countries around the world. Its cashback service is already operational in 9 countries, including Spain, available at

How Picodi is used

To use Picodi we just have to follow the steps indicated in the infographic below.

As you can see, all we have to do is register with Picodi, activate the Cashback option and continue shopping on the Internet as we usually do.

Every time we go shopping online, we have to go through Picodi beforehand and click on the store we want to access, only then will they know that the purchase comes from Picodi and they will be able to return part of the money spent. It is possible that in said store there is a additional discount codeso the purchase can be even cheaper.

Example of existing coupons in the LEGO store within Picodi

We can get some of the money back when buying electronics, clothing, and even hotel accommodations or airline tickets. They already collaborate with 328 stores that operate in Spain, being El Corte Inglés, Amazon, Groupon, Yoigo, PcComponentes, Desigual and Esdemarca among them.

How much money can we get back


The return depends on the store, but it is between 3 and 10%, a percentage that can reach 20% for new users (in selected stores and with a maximum of 20 EUR). In the example of the screenshot above we can see the Fnac store with a return of up to 10%.

They also have a recommendation system that gives us 4 euros for each person recommended, without limits.

All the money we receive back is part of the commission that the stores pay to Picodi, and can be withdrawn directly to our bank account, without tricks of any kind.

If you are interested, you can register in this link

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