What’s happening to Android Auto? Will it work even without the app?

In the last few hours you will have read in specialized magazines that Google has removed the Android Auto app from its smartphones, an action that has actually been announced for some time and has now become effective. What does all this mean for us users? We will still be able to make it work Android Auto on the screen of our car? We answer doubts and questions.

Let’s clarify immediately that Android Auto as we have known it so far, or on the infotainment screen of our car, it will continue to work as usualindeed it will be even richer and more updated (Google deeply updates Android Auto). Google has removed the smartphone application but not the functionality itself, which will instead be mediated by Google Assistant. We are actually getting closer to the experience we have on Apple phones, more or less. There is no Apple CarPlay application on the iPhone, yet when you connect the phone to your car (with cable or wireless) the function starts automatically on the infotainment screen.

With Android Auto the same thing will happen, therefore for those who use the function directly on the main display of their vehicle absolutely nothing will change. The problem concerns those who use the Android Auto app on their phone, perhaps because their car is not compatible with the system. On smartphones it will no longer be possible to use the function, with the app that has already stopped working. Google had already removed the app on some devices with Android 12, now the application instead it will stop working on all the phones of the robot. The alternative is to use the Google Assistant application, which now – as anticipated above – includes the functions of Android Auto, however it is a somewhat cumbersome system that requires continuous voice commands that are not always understood correctly, so there we invite you to be extremely careful.

The world of technology is made to evolve continuously and it is normal for some older or impractical solutions to be gradually abandoned; against Google has promised an even more feature-rich Android Auto and with a cutting-edge graphical interface – as you can see in the video below. Who knows if Mountain View does not follow Apple’s wake to propose a “total” system, which is able to read car info and control air conditioning, radio and much more (Apple CarPlay revolution in 2023). In fact all of this already exists with Android Automotive that we tested on the new Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric, however, we are thinking of an advanced Android Auto that can start from our phone on multiple cars, while Android Automotive is integrated into the car’s software. We’ll see what Google gives us.

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