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You can take a bulldog power pot for buttons

Bull’s external batteries really run out in the winter, as our cars won’t start with the older ones, but foresighters prefer to buy it now because it can now be obtained at a very, very good price. Especially that it’s not only good for bullfighting, as it has other dust on it and also has a very large capacity.

The iMars J05 is a pretty powerful battery on the market, the maximum current that can be pushed out is 1500 ampswhich breathes life into our car smoothly, it can even start a five-liter gasoline engine, and a maximum of 3 liters of diesel goes to him. The capacity is not bad either, 18 000 mAh, so it cannot be easily discharged. An 18-watt Type-C port is input and two USB-A outputs. It supports the QC 3.0 fast charging standard and can charge up to 18 watts.

As we would expect from such a power bank, it is also resistant to the effects of the environment. They are fireproof, waterproof, shockproof and a bunch of protection, such as: reverse polarity, recharging, overcharging, overheating, short circuit, overvoltage and overcurrent. Even the smallest thing that the manufacturer has paid attention to is a lamp, which is absolutely justified for such a device.

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