Zuckerberg plans to forge the concept of virtual property in the metaverse

The boss of Meta hopes to establish himself as a pioneer of property in virtual universes across platforms.

Last Wednesday, Mack Zuckerberg announced in a simple Facebook post the intentions of his company regarding purchases made on the internet. First of all, the CEO of the group finally revealed le rebranding du service Facebook Pay en Meta Pay. This remains the same and will continue to allow users to pay for your purchases online, send money to loved ones or even make donations to associations directly from the group’s applications (namely Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram).

However, behind this new name also hides the company’s desire to establish itself in the metaverse and to be the first to offer the standards of this virtual universe. Indeed, more than a simple platform like Lydia or PayPal, the objective of Meta Pay is to revolutionize the way virtual purchases take place and belong to us.

A digital wallet but no blockchain?

With the Meta Pay wallet, its purpose in the metaverse will be to be able to assign a real proof of obtaining your virtual purchases and to make them yours like real objects that we could offer ourselves in a store. physical. According to Zuckerberg, the future expansion of this virtual universe, users will want to buy “clothing, art, videos, music, experiences and places for eventsall in digital format”.

The CEO adds “Having proof of ownership of your purchases will become important, especially if you want to transport these items with you through other services.“After these short statements, it is clear that the purpose for Meta is to establish itself as the rallying point for metaverse experiencesthus imposing its standards that everyone must follow to offer a coherent universe where the platforms cohabit and coexist.

This wallet concept giving access to our virtual purchases is reminiscent of the NFT blockchain. However, the big boss of Meta has never referred to said blockchain in his projects. It is therefore difficult to know if the future of this digital wallet will be part of this continuity or if the company intends to set up its own similar system. After the catastrophic attempt to create a cryptocurrency, it’s a safe bet that the group intends to break away from it.

The arrival of all these functionalities is still a long way off, as well as the applications of the metaverse to daily life still seem worthy of science fiction. It remains to be seen what Meta will do with our virtual experiences in the years to come…

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